#2 Finding a Hobby

So here I am on day number 2 and I have decided to write about the things I’m doing. Let’s just say I have entered the hobby phase. The idea of finding or having a hobby isn’t new to me, but actually doing it is. In the past my biggest hobby would have been reading. I read a lot and for all sorts of reasons. Nothing beats a good story with characters that you feel close to, and I live for happy endings! Im always amazed at the stories people write, what an incredible talent to have. Like painting but with words.

Reading novels is great as I love the way my mind converts the prose into pictures without me even realising I’m reading anymore. I can read in the dark on my kindle without disturbing anybody while they sleep. When I was a kid reading every Enid Blyton book in print, I could never have imagined such a thing as a Kindle Paperwhite with adjustable backlighting. To this day it is one of the best gifts I have been given. Anyway back to the hobby hunting stuff.

So all well and good, but I felt like I wanted to make something, to be creative in some way. Maybe I am creative in little ways everyday but just don’t realise it? So this quest to find a hobby has been bubbling away quietly in my mind for a long time. Towards the end of 2018 I decided it was time to try something new. So without any further delay here are some of the things I’m trying.

my thrifted sewing machine πŸ™‚

My sewing skills are quite basic and I have wanted a sewing machine for years. I spotted this Singer on an online thrift site and got lucky buying it for a few bucks after the sellers first buyer withdrew their offer. I have tested it out and it all works well. There are a few bits missing like a thread spool and a spool cap (the bit that holds the spool of thread in place while you sew) and a little rubber base thing (not sure what you actually call it) but after a few phone calls, I spoke to a lady at a sewing shop in Fremantle, not too far away from me, and she said bring it in as she is certain they will have what I need! Awesome!! Im actually quite excited about going there and looking around and meeting her as she sounded so lovely on the phone. I haven’t decided what my first sewing project will be, but I have time to find something simple enough for me to have a go at making.

Below is one of my Chrissy presents and also something I have been loving from afar. It’s a little mini printer that you can print pics directly from your phone to! How cool is that! You can also peel the paper from the back and your photo becomes a sticker. I love this so much as I like to write in my diary and also in my journal and it means I can stick pictures in. I’ve been using it already and I love it. Im a bit of a stationery freak so this little gadget isn’t a hobby obviously but it adds to something I already love doing so it is contributing to my happiness.

my little sprocket!

Another new to me hobby is diamond painting. It’s really easy and lots of fun. You basically just place little shiny resin dots on an adhesive design. Like painting by number but even more simple πŸ™‚ So far its satisfying and whenever I start I just want to keep going. The first one I did was a little cat and I framed it and gave it away as a gift. Definitely a winner for me!

Diamond Dotz diamond painting.

Next are some food pics because I love food. I’m also fascinated by seeing other peoples food pics. I enjoy food history and am currently enjoying watching various food shows on Netflix like Ugly Delicious and Chefs Table which is my all time favourite! I got an amazing airfryer from my mum for Chrissy and one of my favourite things to make so far are just simple potato wedges. All I do is cut whatever quantity of potatoes I need, in to wedges. No peeling necessary. Give them a rinse and pat them dry with paper towels. In a bowl combine them with a small amount of oil of your choice. The air fryer needs very little oil at all. then add salt, garlic powder, pepper and paprika. Mix it all to coat your spuds then add them to your your air fryer. Mine has two pans, one with a paddle and one without. I use the one with the paddle as it keeps the wedges moving and cooking evenly. Cook until done to your liking. They are delicious! We just had them with fried eggs and a little bacon.

And lastly a tip…

I was cleaning and tidying my fridge and found some coconut cream leftover from Christmas Pina Coladas. I don’t drink very often at all, but a Christmas Pina colada is a tradition for my mum and I. I just popped it into a ziplock bag and stuck into the freezer to be brought out and added to a curry or something else at a later date.

saving for later.

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