#4 Finding Inspiration.

I had planned on writing earlier today, but as often happens when I plan things, I got involved doing other things instead 🙂 I did lots of reading and got quite inspired by other people and their creativity. It gave me such a good feeling, seeing how awesome other people are. I found so many recipes I want to try and that makes me excited. It kind of gives my cooking mojo a boost and learning new things is always a buzz.

Today I got a delivery! It’s been awhile since I bought a cookbook but today this came and I waited until a quiet moment when I could sit with a coffee and have a good read. I’m looking forward to giving a few of the recipes a try. Jack Monroe is one of my fave cooks and I love her recipes. If you have never visited her website http://cookingonabootstrap.com then you are missing out. The essay Hunger Hurts is a must read.

so many yummy recipes

Also today I began using up bits and pieces from the freezer in an effort to use what we have and minimise preventable food waste. And so lunch was just oven ready sausage rolls and party pies, which are just little meat pies. there were 3 separate packs with a few things in them. I didn’t mind that it was very easy because I had reading to do. Everybody else was happy with lunch too! bonus!!

Dinner was also sourced from the freezer. I found some frozen peas and some mixed veg, these went into the microwave with some butter and salt and pepper and a tiny bit of water to cook. I had salvaged a $5.50 pack of sausages from the freezer too and after watching a YouTube video for guidance, I cooked them in the air fryer.On the side were the remnants of some ready made mash. Don’t judge me, I must have been having a very challenging week to have bought them or maybe they were a curiosity buy lol either way its all good and I used them up 😉 so while not the most attractive of meals it did taste pretty good. There are some leftover sausages which I will use in a recipe for lunch tomorrow. It just involves sautéing some onions and garlic in butter, adding in the sliced up sausages and some cubed potatoes along with some thyme and maybe a little chicken stock and finisghd off with some dried chilli flakes. I also like a little Tabasco in this too.

I had some chilli oil on my sausage. Delicious!

I have some old bananas so rather than freeze them for later I’m going to make simple banana fritters for breakfast.Yum! I have also defrosted that whole chicken I mentioned the other day, and will be roasting it in the air fryer tomorrow. Time to sleep xo.

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