#5 Tomorrow is here!

So much for my hopes of having a sleep in! I was up at 5am and at first I wasn’t too pleased about it. A quarter way into my hot coffee and I had rallied somewhat 😉

At least I’m back here, in what is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to hang out, fairly early and the sun is still shining away, as it does, during an Oz summer! I warn you now I’m in a bit of a prattling mood so please excuse my wordy manner. I haven’t cooked the whole chicken because it’s too early. Probably be time to do that when Im finished here.

I did do the sausage and potato concoction I described yesterday and it was suitably yummy! I also made banana fritters, which some ate with butter and a bit of maple syrup. I had one with my coffee and it was lovely. Before we get into that, this morning I was faced with my pantry and its not looking too great. It needs a good tidy up and a bit of organising again so I can see what I actually have without having to rummage around like a womble. Here for your viewing pleasure is a before pic. I’m not committing to when I’ll have the after done, but I’ll get to it at some point 😉 I don’t know about you, but I have a weird fascination with other peoples pantry’s and fridges etc.

I’m not ashamed to admit it that I even love seeing what other people are buying at the checkout. I try figuring out what they are going to be making. It’s fascinating to me. Anyway enough of my weirdness…

It looks way worse up close and personal trust me lol

I’m not sure what it is about coming here to write everyday that makes me feel so happy, I just know it does and that I look forward to it and also to read other peoples writing. It must be said that we are a diverse and very interesting bunch. Im totally amazed by the variety and scope of blogs that exist. It’s like a whole other universe 🙂

here are the first batch of banana fritters made with 3 old bananas and some sugar, eggs and flour.

I did use some chicken stock during the cooking and had also added crushed garlic during the sautéing process. I found some savoury thyme half dried out in the fridge so added that. I did add some butter for its deliciousness! Only the tiniest amount of oil was added at the beginning as I knew I would be adding butter too. At the end I sprinkled on some more dried cilli flakes, because I love a bit of kick, and finally I chopped some chives over the top too. I found them hiding in a little pack in my freezer. Amazing what you can make with what you have lurking about.

And now I am off to roast that chicken. Pictures to come. xo

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