#6 Searching for Chestnuts

Today I sat happily perusing my new Jack Monroe cookbook and sticking post it notes on the first selection of recipes that I’d like to try. One is a risotto that contains chestnuts. Sounds and looks delicious, but I personally have never seen chestnuts on sale here in Oz. Ans so began the goole search for chestnuts. I checked one of the big supermarket chains online to see if they stocked them as they are closest to me. Yes!! they do but they are not in season. They do have water chestnuts but they are a different nut altogether.

I remember as a kid growing up in London, going to the markets and eating hot roasted chestnuts in newspaper. I remember the smell of them. Anyway back to my search. I found that you can, in fact get chestnuts here! The season is from March to July so looks like I’ll be waiting a little while. Maybe I can try substituting some other nuts in the mean time. I have lots of peanuts and some cashews too.

I have so many olives leftover from Christmas and I’m not sure what to do with them, other than put them in jars with olive oil and keep them to snack on. The other thing I have lots of is custard. I don’t eat it myself, but I’m wondering what I can do with it. maybe custard slice? Or a custard tart?

p.s the chicken “roasted” in the air fryer was divine and so succulent! xo

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