#7 Onions

Onions sautéing in a pan are the beginning of many wonderful dishes. On my one woman quest to use everything I have in my freezer, I decided a good Goan curry was a scrumptious idea. Anyway I’ll get to that later!

best smell ever!

After simple toast for breakfast, I ended up making a pumpkin soup with the lovely butternut pumpkin that my friends gifted me. It was on the kitchen bench just drawing me in 😉 Simple ingredients combined to make the most glorious soup which tastes so good covered in lots of freshly ground black pepper. Yum! I made it in my Thermomix which has been one of my fun friends in the kitchen for several years now. Pics to follow. There was then a request for strawberry milkshakes so I used up the last of the ice cream along with some strawberry topping and whizzed it up in the older brother Thermo – I know it sounds crazy that there are 2 sitting on my kitchen bench and I feel the need to explain – my first Thermo I call him George, was a gift back in 2014 from my husband, I was pretty excited, and my second was the biggest surprise! It was a gift from my mum in 2016, I call her Mildred. I had no idea that Mildred was coming and was so shocked but ecstatic too!

I also used George to whip up a batch of pizza dough too! because I had a request for pizza 🙂 I had run out of rice so asked my Husband to pick up a small bag – trying to keep the food budget in check this week – decided to go with a brown basmati/long grain it was on special. I didn’t really mean for this all to be about food but I’m just going with it.

To end I grabbed out a small package of chicken wings from the treasure chest that is the freezer, and decided to marinate them overnight in the fridge. Im going to cook them in the air fryer tomorrow for lunch. One great thing about the air fryer is you don’t need to have the oven on during these hot summer months! Bonus!

Trying out a marinade I made using teriyaki sauce, chilli flakes, lemon juice and a little maple syrup for sweetness…

I nearly forgot about the curry! Super easy. Just added some dry spices to the onions. Clove, cinnamon, a couple of dried red chillis and some curry leaves from my little curry leaf plant. Sauté, then add in garlic paste ands ginger paste to your taste. Stir and and take in the wonderful aromas then after a few minutes add in the chicken breast, yes from the freezer, sautéing continues. Next add the Goan curry paste that my mum left in my pantry on her last visit and cook it all for bit add some chicken stock (cube and water is fine) and a little more cooking and stirring. Lastly add a decadent tin of coconut cream. Add in some peeled and chopped spuds (you don’t have to peel them but I do because my kids prefer it that way) bring it to a boil, then reduce the heat, stir again and pop the lid on. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until the potato is cooked. You can add spinach fresh or frozen to this curry and it’s delish. I also like to throw on some fresh coriander if I have it, if not its still great. There are some really great curry pastes around these days so if you don’t have a huge assortment of spices you can still make a great a curry.

Really you can make a lovely curry with just some coriander powder and cumin powder and a few chillies. Do the same onion sautéing and then add in your spice powders and cook for a minute until aromatic. Then add the ginger and garlic, cook for another minute and then add your meat tor veg or combination of both, or even lentils or other legumes, mix to combine and finally, let it cook. Tinned or fresh tomatoes are also a nice addition though I usually add them before the meat or veg etc. and let the sauce cook for awhile.


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