#8 Leftovers

On a day that has been really busy and involved various appointments, sometimes things don’t always go as I had thought. Thats ok! Here is where leftovers come into their own. So no cooking was done today except breakfast, which was kindly cooked for me by my husband, who didn’t have to go to work today. Awesome!! I love it when someone else cooks, its so great! Food someone else makes for you tastes super special.

I didn’t even put my chicken wings in the air fryer, so they get to marinate away for another night. There was still some butternut pumpkin soup left too and I had home made pea & ham soup frozen in individual serves in my freezer. We also had leftover brown rice and some of the Goan curry. Yum! If all else fails there are instant noodles 😉

Today I’m just grateful for being. For my kids, who fill me up with love and lots of laughter, for my mum’s voice over the phone telling me she loves me, for my husband who is far too grumpy for his own good 😉 but whom I love regardless 🙂 And for my fur babies whom I love dearly.

So no food pics today, but here’s one of two of our cats.

Meet Stimpy (ginger & white) and MiniFizz (black & white) they are brother and sister and we adopted them together because I could not bear to part them.


They always sleep together, so sweet! As with all cats, they have very distinctive personalities. As a good friend of mine said recently, “everything is better with cats” Bravo xo

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