#9 Ramen

I have a bit of a love affair with Ramen. It started when I was a kid, around 11 years old, growing up in Australia, after having emigrated from England in 1982. Maggi 2 Minute noodles were my first foray and my favourite flavour was curry. I still like them but for some reason they don’t do the curry flavour anymore, so now my flavour of choice is the Oriental. I don’t eat them all the time, but every now and then, they hit the spot.

That just reminds of when I was younger and still growing up in London and I used to enjoy Cup-a- Soups. I clearly recall reading Enid Blyton books and having a cup-a-soup with a piece of bread. My method was to pull of the crusts then rip the remaining bread into pieces. I’d plunge all the pieces into the soup where they would get all soft and swollen, to be eaten with a spoon after I’d first dip the crusts in and eat them up. Anyway, I’ve digressed, not unusual for me 😉 the point is that my favourite flavour was Oxtail. It doesn’t exist anymore, well not in Australia anyway, and I still fancy it every now and then 🙂 I also miss ReadyBrek which was a breakfast cereal but you can’t get it here. I’m pretty sure it was finely ground oats. Maybe I’ll look online to see if they are available for purchase here in Oz, and then do myself a little happy mail food package, or maybe I can make my own version. Could be fun to take myself for a trip down memory lane and get my kids to taste some of the things I used to enjoy 🙂

Back to ramen! I picked these up today in the supermarket. I often buy different instant ramen to try. These ones are particularly good. They are Korean noodles ands tasty. Shin Ramen are great too, but really spicy! which I love. Ive been watching Mikey Chen on his YouTube “Strictly Dumpling” he does food and travel and has many awesome Ramen videos.


I have graduated in my later years to Japanese Ramen. Actually, one of my kids fell in love with all things Japanese and in my search to find all things Japanese to take her on an outing, I found Taka’s Kitchen. Unassuming , situated on the corner of Wellington Street and Barrack Street in the city, it’s the best! Japanese and the prices are very good, it’s got great reviews and is always busy. For my second eldest and I, going to Taka’s has become something we do regularly. The Ginger Pork is very good too!

I cooked my chicken wings in the air fryer and they came out really well. I’ll be on the hunt for some more marinade recipes. Something that really packs a punch. xo

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