#10 Play…

I started writing this twice already, but it was getting a bit personal so I’m starting again, because I can. So I began the day feeling a little low and thought to myself hmm… what can I do to feel better? Even though sometimes we just gotta feel the way we feel and be okay with it.

The neighbours gorgeous Bougainvillea which grows over the fence πŸ™‚ That colour is glorious.

Couldn’t really disappear for a bubble bath because the timing was off and we had an appointment. So I made the best of the appointment and then when we had our time to ourselves again, I asked some of the kids what we could do. The answer was….Play! So play we did. We played games on the WiiU that included me having to hula hoop with an invisible hula hoop. Another one was ski jumping. This one saw me having to assume a squatting pose to then rise and hold. This was enjoyed very much by my audience of supporters, who thought it was hilarious. It was.

I’m trying to get fit this year. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know most of the people on this planet are currently engaged in all manner of New Years resolutions. Some throwing themselves vigorously into new routines in order to lose weight, get fit, eat less, be more mindful etc. etc., but I can assure you that is not me. I’m not really the New Years resolution type and I’ve never been into exercise, and anyone who knows me at all would tell you that I’d rather read a book. If it works for others then that’s fantastic, any intention to make positive changes in your life are a good thing. It’s just not a tradition I follow. I’m more the ‘try to be a kind human being everyday’ deed by deed kind of person. However due to the fact that I’m only 46 and I had a stroke in November, which I am fortunate enough to have survived and relatively well, I might add, fit is what I must become. I am committed πŸ™‚

I’m not a drinker. I did have a fondness for the occasional cigarette every now and then, not anymore of course. I mean some days I didn’t have any ever. I was never a regular smoker so giving it up wasn’t difficult because I want to be around for a long time. I’m a little overweight, by my own reckoning I need to lose 13 kilograms, but my Dr says 10 will be plenty. So far, like the last 9 years prior I’ve lost nothing. Mind you I wasn’t ever trying to lose weight before.

Having told you al this, you must realise that I’m still recovering from the Stroke. I’ve given the stroke a name, it’s Randy and he has the personality of a coke snorting Studio 54 patron during the heyday of disco. So the existence of Randy means I have to ease my way into exercise and I am doing that. I do a bit of walking and I use the Wii and the Wii Fit Balance board and accompanying games. At first my walking was just very slow up and down the footpath with my mum, who was visiting at the time, holding onto me because my balance was pretty off. Now I can walk around the corner and up the street which is great, but it knackers me out. I am having to learn to to balance my activity and rest too. This is not easy for me. Not at all. It’s frustrating. I have weird blood pressure too, that’s been going on for as long as I can remember, and it looks like I have what is known as an Antithrombin III deficiency. That means my blood clots inappropriately. Typical. I only found this out after having Randy come visit, but it makes sense when I think about the blood pressure issues the Cardiologist knows I have, but despite all the tests, couldn’t tell me why. I’ve learnt that sometimes there is no answer for the question why. I’m used to taking care of everyone else, its what I do. Looking after myself, however, is still new. I mean I am a fully functioning adult, I’m a bit weird but hey weird is good, it means I’m interesting ;P

To top it off while I was in hospital due to Randy’s spontaneous visit on one of the kids birthdays, I was informed that technically I have Type 2 Diabetes. The consultant Neurologist said we wouldn’t worry about that just then as his main concern was making sure I didn’t have another Randy come to visit any time soon. When I saw my Dr he was right on to its all and has been on m y case ever since along with my mum.

So that’s the very long winded reasoning behind my getting fit campaign. As I said I haven’t lost any weight yet but my Dr says take it slowly and not to worry about it too much. I’m currently on six different medications every day. This is all to ensure I don’t have another Randy turn up so I’m ok with it. Like I said I want to be around for my family for a long time yet.

Right so back to the theme of the day! Play!! So Various kids and I ended up playing all sorts of games, with toys, without toys. We used our bodies, our minds, our creative selves and our vivid imaginations. We had fun and I got my exercise in and I felt happy in the light of their smiles. Warm in the glow of their smiles. Playing is always good and there are some great positive side effects.Needless to say, my day got much better. xo

my little curry leaf plant that’s ready for a new and bigger pot πŸ™‚

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