#13 Relax.

So Sunday is the day of rest. I must say I’m feeling pretty relaxed myself and its a nice feeling. I’m sitting outside to write underneath the back patio. The sun is warm all around me and the sky is clear and blue. It’s all giving me the loveliest dozy feeling.

I’ve menu planned for the week ahead and included one night as leftovers night. Friday night will be some kind of lentil based concoction. In fact I just got a recipe from a good friend who is vegan and it has two of my fave ingredients, yellow split peas and spinach leaves. It has quite a nice mix of herbs too. From memory it has tarragon, marjoram and rosemary. I think so anyway. I’m not cooking tonight and my husband is making chicken ramen!! I’m excited about this as you can imagine. It’s like a win win all around kind of situation. Last night he made a version of carbonara but with penne and some chicken breast in it. It was really nice. I’m enjoying him getting into cooking a lot 😉

I hope your Sunday is lovely too


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