#14 Happy.

I like being happy. I mean who doesn’t? I realise it’s not possible to be happy all of the time and that it’s natural and necessary to experience other emotions. It’s part of being human. So I aim for happy, and understand that happy isn’t a one dimensional emotion. It comes in many variants. I can experience ecstatic happiness, just as I can enjoy being peacefully happy. Both are good. I woke up this morning and didn’t have an actual thought out plan. I mean there are some things that I just do automatically every morning, and I did those. I like to change things around in my little rituals and routines other wise I get bored and feel like I’m living in ground hog day. I don’t want to live my life on a loop so I don’t. I know some people like to and I’m not against that way at all, its just not what I do. If I did some part of myself would launch a revolt and go wild. Who am I kidding? In reality I can’t remember when I did something wild. What equates as something wild anyway? Seriously if I go too crazy with the meal planning I end up throwing all caution to the wind and just do the exact opposite – yes I cook meals I haven’t planned – I get spontaneous and it’s awesome. Who knew I would even become someone who meal plans anyway? Or that I would know the exact layout of the supermarket or know where one persons specific pair of undies, in a house of seven people, are located at any given time. Who could have known I would go on to watch every single adaptation of Jane Austen’s novels? And most of them more than once. Why am I telling you all this irrelevant information? I’m not sure really. I only know that I’m interested in other people and their lives. I’m curious about what they think about, what they like to eat, what they read, what it’s like where they live and so much more. I love seeing pictures of other peoples homes. Like vignettes. A corner in their kitchen, maybe their fave spot to curl up and read, even the inside of their fridge and all its glorious contents.

That reminds me. Remember I posted a pic of my pantry and said I would organise it? Well I did and I have the pics to prove it! opening the doors and seeing it all clearly, makes me happy 🙂

The other thing I tried today was to make my own version of a cereal I loved as a kid. Pretty sure I mentioned it. It’s called Ready Brek and it still exists but not near me. Anyway I put some oats in George (my old thermomix) and cranked him up to 9. All good. I know there is sugar in Ready Break but I thought I’d just add some sugar after I cooked it. I bought some coconut sugar to try as its lower GI and having diabetes means lower GI is good. So I put some of the ground oats into a little saucepan and added milk and heated it up slowly. Looked promising enough. Now, either I needed to add more milk or I should have taken the pot of the heat sooner. Anyway it started getting thicker very quickly. I put some in a bowl and added a little more milk to loosen it up. Then I added some coconut sugar but decided I still need a little raw sugar. I tried it, ate a bit more. It wasn’t brilliant at all. I would have just preferred my regular porridge. oh well. Might have to go back to the drawing board on that little project. More research is needed. Now I need to find out what I can do with the oat flour I’ve made. The coconut sugar wasn’t at all what I expected but I’m going to try it in some baking and also my morning coffee. It says on the bag its delicious in coffee so lets see if thats accurate 😉

For dinner I just made a quick Thai Green Chicken Curry. That was yummy as always. xo

Thai Green Chicken my version 🙂

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