17# Pyjamas.

I love pyjamas. Since my stint in hospital with Randy, aka the stroke, remember him? Yes, well anyway, I now own several new pairs. These are all fairly stylish as pj’s go, because they were gifts to me from my mama who came straight away to be with me. My mama is the most well put together person I have ever known. She is stylish and has grace. She’s very modern. In fact today is her 71st birthday. She looks 50 at the most, I’m not even kidding you, and considering I’m nearly 47 and feel like a meatloaf when I stand next to her, she looks amazing!Lmao!! Not only that, but she is a really great human being as well. I’ve looked up to her my whole life thus far and I don’t expect that will change. Sorry I know Lmao is out of fashion but it’s just so efficient that I’m loathe to do away with it. Despite what the womb fruits tell me. Often she proudly introduces me as her daughter, which is of course what I am, when this happens I wait. It doesn’t usually take long for the person to whom the introduction is being made, to try and mask their reaction. Meanwhile I’m quietly assessing the reaction and categorizing it. Shock, dismay or acceptance that sometimes genetics can only do so much. I tell her about this and she actually does laugh out loud and then goes on to tell me I’m an idiot and that I’m beautiful. Considering the fact, that the last time this scenario took place and the person exclaimed “oh you look like sisters,” which my mum loved by the way, she had on the previous evening declared me a little sumo, when I came out in a pair of my new pjs, I’m not sure whether I believe her! LoL!!

Trust me we do love each other to bits and we are very close. Mama tries hard not to show it but she is really excited that one of the neurologists smiled and told me to keep an eye on my weight. Ever since she has been giving me advice on losing weight and asking if I’ve lost weight. She means it all lovingly I know this. My Dr says look just take it slowly you only need to get rid of 10kg and you’re not obese or anything so don’t stress – it will come off. I’ve never really tried to lose weight ever. I don’t own a pair of scales. Why are they called a pair, when it is in fact one thing? I don’t know. So the advice is exercise but recover first, take it slowly…you don’t want to put any strain on yourself. Okay so I’m taking it slowly. What makes me laugh even more is my mama pushing for me to ask my Dr if I can take iron to give me more energy. So I asked and he said, “your iron levels are fine and I don’t want you getting constipated and straining. The straining is not a good idea this soon after a stroke.” After receiving this info I had to relay it to mama 😉 So funny. Mama’s advice for losing weight was that I ought to try and just eat one meal per day. When I said that wasn’t a healthy way to lose weight and that I had read that you ought to have several small meals instead she suggested that I just divide the one meal into several;) But only if you can manage it she said!!

Back to pyjamas. A good percentage of the peeps in my house are sick today. That includes me and means one glorious thing. Pyjamas!! All day long….. So today I had my shower as usual but rather than get dressed in my usual day wear, I put on clean pj’s. Ahhh…the comfort. Why aren’t regular day time clothes this comfy and easy to wear. I want day wear thats as comfy as my pjs. Where do I find them? Surely they exist? I’m going now to google for them. xo

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