#18 Exotic Items.

I knew as soon as I woke up that by this afternoon I would be feeling quite tragic. I was correct 100% Maybe dramatic is more accurate?

Thankfully I foresaw this eventuality yesterday, and in anticipation, did a grocery shop online. Unfortunately the only delivery slot available was for this afternoon. (So amazing to live somewhere they do online grocery delivery) As soon as I came to my bed to lay down, (felt like death) I heard a noise out the front, and the smallest womb fruit looked out and saw the delivery truck! He then proceeded to careen through the house, announcing to all the other fruits, loudly, that ‘the truck is here.” I flew off the bed, realised I was in my pj’s (yes again, don’t judge) and probably should put a robe/cardigan/anything on my top half, to at least give the effect of being dressed for the daytime. Honestly, like the delivery guy would have even noticed. But seriously, I could not look the poor guy in the eye, after the emergency like preparation to open the front door. We have five cats, all rescue cats and all registered etc. Yes we are responsible pet owners. Don’t ask me how I ended up with five cats, its a whole other story and I blame the fruits anyway. So it’s quite an operation and everybody is involved. It requires getting the groceries in, while simultaneously not letting any kitty cats out. They have a special outdoor area but its enclosed so they can’t get hurt etc. Okay we managed to get it all inside without any escapees. Then I remembered I’d seen a Japanese bottle of soft drink, while I was doing the online shop and I got it for the fruits to try because it looked so unusual. Pic to follow.

Seemingly unrelated, I have been binge watching youtube channels for recipes, grocery shopping hauls, Instant Pot reviews and I love it when the person is vlogging while they shop and then they do the whole laying out of all their groceries and talk about what they will make etc. I don’t know about you, but the food items in other countries fascinate me and I always wish we had them here. Honestly, going to another country and doing grocery shopping would be awesome! I also bought some English brand soup this week. It’s like a little adventure, just trying things you’ve never had. I love getting things to surprise the fruits with, everything is an adventure with them 🙂 Thank my mini mouse slippers that tomorrow is Saturday, it means I’m not the only parent home and that I can be tragic all I like. xo

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