#19 Good Intentions.

Today my good intentions to spend some time pampering myself didn’t really pan out. It’s just I wasn’t in the mood for painting my toenails or giving myself a facial or whatever it is I’m supposed to want to do. I’m not saying I never want to do those things, or that they are bad etc They just weren’t high on my want to do list today.

library treasures.

I only had the pampering idea because I was watching a “Sunday Morning Routine” video on YouTube last night, (yes, I’m one of those people) and the creator was saying how its important to take care of yourself and of course there was an entire list of about seven different things you could do on a Sunday morning to set up your entire week to run smoothly. I do know this. I’m a make lists, planning kind of person. However, for me its like meal planning, I do it fairly often and I know it works, but there’s always that fanfare of ‘Vive la revolution!” playing on a loop in the back of my mind. So I also know saying I’m going to follow exactly the same routine every day or even every Sunday is probably not going to work for me. It works for her and that’s brilliant! Now I’m trying hard to recall what I did do, but I know I enjoyed it. Oh yes! I know I had my coffee and watched Jefree Star surprising Shane Dawson with a huge gift of Gucci Year of the Pig limited edition items šŸ™‚ It made me so so happy that video! This was on YouTube. I love YouTube. You can find the most amazing things to watch and there is some really obscure stuff too. I did some writing for my fruits educational plans for the year. I did some cleaning and washing, the usual. Did some reading of various matter. We did go for a quick trip to the library. Gotta love that the library is open all day Saturday! Our local library is brilliant. The fruits wanted takeaway so we got some and then came home. I carried on with some writing. I’m actually pretty damn chuffed with myself because I got quite a bit done. I’m still feeling headachy and yuk but have been happy enough. So I guess maybe my pampering/self care and preparing for the week ahead just looked a bit different, but still made me feel good and prepared. My version of pampering is mine. What’s that saying?To each to her/his own. Plus it’s only Saturday!! Who knows maybe I’ll feel like giving myself a head massage and pedicure in the morning šŸ˜‰


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