#20 Slow Cooker.

Sunday. Ahhh. Perfect day for a slow cooked dinner. Spaghetti Bolognese is on my menu plan. I’ve made it so many time over the years and often with slight variations. I like making it. It’s super easy and everybody likes it. This morning I decided I’d get started early and I got every thing out – got all the veggies and garlic chopped up – popped the pan from my slow cooker on the hob and started sautéing. I love that feature of my slow cooker, that the pan can go on the stove. You can sauté and brown and then put it back into the cooker and just leave it for the day. It’s about eight years old and I have loved it. I know it’s on it’s last legs because I just noticed the pot is starting to deteriorate. Lucky for me it’s almost my birthday and I have been wanting an instant pot for quite some time. I’d have to order one from Amazon.com.au and probably pay a hefty postage fee. That’s ok. I feel like it’s worth it. Or I can continue to research and see what alternatives are available here in Oz. I’m really sold on the stainless steel insert that comes with the instant pot as I prefer that than a pot that has some kind of non-stick coating that will end up peeling off. Not good. Anyway in the mean time my bolognese sauce is cooking away happily. Having dinner already organised means I’ve had the rest of the day to hang out with my family and also do some of my own stuff, which at this time of year usually means planning and getting organised. I feel like I’m doing alright and I’m making sure I get to rest as well.

Every year I do a Goodreads book challenge. Last year I did it for twenty books and managed to read a total of 19. Not bad considering all the goings on in my life. I love reading novels. I can easily get lost in the storyline of a good book, its characters becoming as real as any other person in my life. I adore a happy ending. I’m always astounded by the ability of the author to create something so incredible. I wonder how they do it? Writing seems to be an individual and unique process for each author. I often wonder about this online creative writing courses, do they really help? Is there a method or a formula one can follow to be create a worthwhile tome? I like to think it’s a more organic kind of process that the person develops overtime, through trial and error. I make up characters based on people I’ve met or even people I’ve been told about. They develop personalities and traits but I’ve never tried writing them into a story before. I’ve thought of stories but never written them down. I suppose I don’t know where to start if I were going to attempt it. The obvious answer seems to be that “you start at the beginning.” Maybe you can start at the end? If you had a particular message to share, maybe you could write the story around it as a means of conveyance. Maybe the answer is to just write. xo

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