#21 Surprises.

I don’t generally like surprises. I know, how sad right? Wrong. As far as I’m concerned life throws enough surprises at you, without having people who purport to love you, planning and scheming behind your back 😉 The worst culprit is mama. Even more awful is when mama gives the surprise away but doesn’t realise even though it’s so obvious, and then I have to pretend. Luckily I’m a great actor, and even after the fact when I tell her that I knew, she thinks I’m kidding and doesn’t believe me. Anyway there is a surprise happening this weekend but I am not the unsuspecting beneficiary of said surprise. I mean I am one of the beneficiaries, but the womb fruits are the ones at the centre of this happy fiasco.

This weekend is a holiday weekend here. The date of the holiday is a subject of some contention in the nation and honestly the powers that be should just change the date, after all it wouldn’t be the first time in the history of this country that they did. That way we can all just celebrate the awesome country we call home without it having awful connotations for our nations first people. I for one would like to celebrate unity as a nation on the holiday that bares our nations name. I am an immigrant in this country. I came as a child through all the proper channels. I still remember having my teeth looked at during one of the many interviews we had to attend. I became a citizen when I was still a child and remember the ceremony. I was proud to become an Australian and that’s what I am. Most people here don’t even know this holiday wasn’t always celebrated on it’s currently assigned day. I don’t feel anger at people arriving through other channels. I believe most people who come here by any means possible have powerful reasons for doing so. I don’t know many people who would risk their kids lives to leave their homes without extremely valid reasons. I don’t believe kids should be incarcerated because they arrived in the country I love and call home through unorthodox channels. People seeking refuge. Families seeking refuge. I don’t believe its right to punish people for seeking safety. how can it be wrong to want your kids to grow up in safety? There is much I don’t understand about what goes on the world. I just wonder if protecting our way of life cannot also include accepting other people inside our borders. After all isn’t the fair go attitude the very thing we are trying to preserve?

Perth at night. Captured by SkyPerth.

Okay so now I’ve got that heavy, heavy off my chest, let me tell you about the surprise for my fruits. My mama is driving the two thousand plus kilometres her Range Rover. I’m not kidding. You should see her number plates 😉 Then on Saturday morning unbeknownst to the fruits we are headed to the fanciest hotel near the city, where we will have amazing views of the fireworks that are set off along the foreshore of the beautiful Swan River. My kids are fortunate enough to have been to stayed there before thanks to mama, and let me tell you they will lose their minds with glee! I’m pretty sure most of our time will be spent in and around the pool, enjoying the sunshine and good food. We are lucky and grateful. I want everybody to be lucky. Especially kids. I reckon we have got plenty of lucky to share around. xo

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