#26 Luxury

Tonight I write from the opulent lap of luxury. We are staying the night at the Crown Towers Hotel in Perth. The weather has been absolutely perfect all day and the fireworks display for Oz Day was mind blowing. Best of all I get to be with my mama and my family. We swam in the beautiful pools, talked and laughed all while enjoying scrumptious food. My husband and I got to go out for dinner together which was a real treat. We ate at Modo Mio and both of us had an Angus fillet steak. The meal was delicious and we don’t actually eat steak very often at all. Meat in Australia is very expensive, well I think it is but I am quite budget conscious as is necessary when you have a bigger family. We definitely eat well thats for certain and I know we are seriously lucky in the lucky country. In fact ,thats what I was thinking while watching the fireworks and listening to the radio simulcast, from mamas room because it had the perfect river view. While the song “We Are Australian” was playing I was giving thanks for being where we are and being grateful for the wonderful life we have here.

My thoughts also drifted to what the future holds, for all of us, as in everyone on the planet. Then I brought myself swiftly back to the moment and the cacophony of my family. I gave thanks again, for everything good in my life, especially the people I love. Tomorrow we will head back home to the fur babies and our normal. Mama will be with us and staying for over a week. It’s also nearly my birthday 🙂 Time to make a choice between an Instant Pot or an alternative! And it will also be my first day to attempt writing poetry. I can tell you I am more than a little worried about that and feel that I have been extremely over ambitious. I hope wherever you are your belly is full and so is your heart. I hope you have a happy home and abundant blessings. xo

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