#27 Laughter.

Have you ever had the experience where your laughing and someone else starts laughing and the sound of their laughing sets you off again and it just continues on and on. You are laughing so much that it’s hard to breathe and your tummy hurts. Your eyes start watering and its just the best thing ever!

I love that kind of laughter. It leaves you with the sweetest feeling of exhaustion. I always look forward to it happening again but know that it cannot be contrived. It happened today. It was the fruits, (my kids) mama and I. It was hilarious and just went on for the longest time.

I’ve noticed that even through the kind of tribulations that most people would agree are awful, being able to laugh and see the funny side of life makes it all more bearable. I’m not saying don’t feel your anger, pain etc I’m just saying when you’ve gotten out of the acute phase of any situation, finding your sense of humour quickly is a very good idea. Cultivate your humour and lighten up. Do lots of this when things are good and you will bounce back more speedily when they are not so great. I’m sure there are studies about laughter and the health benefits associated with it somewhere. As this is just frivolous personal blog and due to the fact that I’m knackered, I am not providing and links to peer reviewed research articles 😉 I know you won’t hold it against me. xo

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