#28 Pudding.

Tonight I’m going back to one of my fave subjects, food! I made dinner for my family tonight and it was simple but delicious. Roast chicken and broccolini with roast potatoes and carrots. Drizzled with gravy, it is one of my all time favourite dinners. Cooking sometimes takes me back in time to when I was a kid and my mama was cooking dinner. Tonight my mama is here and we are all enjoying each others company. I was quietly recalling being a teenager and walking past mama as she was cooking. She was cooking pork chops and they smelled so good. I remembered how she would make cuts in the rind, “to stop them from curling up and help them cook evenly” she said. I can also recall her spaghetti bolognese sauce. On different days her sauce would be altered by some addition or other. One time it might be a tin of buttered champignons that had been sleeping in the pantry, it could be some kidney beans, or even lentils.

When I was even younger and we still lived in London , there were times when money was very tight. I don’t recall knowing that at the time and honestly can’t say I ever felt a lack of abundance, I think that was partly because of how I was a child but predominately because our mum loved us so much. When I got older she told me stories of how she’d use one tea bag to make three cups of tea, one for herself, one for me and one for my big sister. She told me about buying bones the supermarket was selling off as dog bones and making up a big pot of delicious warming soup for us. I do remember my mums soups and they were the best! Know I’m grown myself and have been cooking for years I understand how she did it and I’m so glad she passed on her knowledge to me. I also learnt a lot about how to cook from being side by side with my Nana, especially once we had emigrated to Australia. She would always let me stay home from school and I would go shopping with her and out for lunch. After lunch we’d go home and spend the afternoon cooking. I spent quite a lot of time with my nana and I’m so grateful that I did.

I always remember my mamas sandwiches too. She would put fillings in them that I would never even think of and they were always amazing. Mama cooked a scrumptious curry last night. I love it when she cooks of course 🙂 These days she will ask me about how to make a certain dish or what I do, and it makes me feel so good. I still call and ask her how to make a certain recipe or to remind me of ingredients. I feel pretty special when I cook for her, it’s like things have come full circle in a way. Mama doesn’t eat pudding or ice cream very often but tonight when I made it she did.xo

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