#29 Admin.

It’s almost the middle of another week. This week is special due to the fact that there was a public holiday at the beginning of it and my birthday is at the end of it, and my mama is visiting. It’s also the week I have lots of things to write up, including our new budget, I need to write up home education documentation as required by our State law, and there are some letters to send etc. So there is a lot of stuff going on. I’m planning to get up early and do some work so that I can enjoy the rest of the day with my family. Thinking about taking my mama and kids out to see a movie.

On one hand I could feel overwhelmed, and if I spend too much time thinking of each individual task, it’s highly probable that I would. Instead I choose to plan certain times to use for various tasks. For instance if I get up at five am, yes it’s awful, then I know I need coffee, and at least 15 minutes to wake up properly. Then add another fifteen to potter and have a wash, then I am good to go. So from five thirty to six I can work, have a five minute break, then go again until six thirty. Next take five to have a piece of toast and maybe a second cuppa, and you guessed it keep working until eight am. If I need breaks I can take them, but I usually plan in more breaks than I end up using because I just get so into whatever I’m doing. I’m quite specific with tasks when I assign them to a timeframe and sometimes break them down into smaller chunks. These types of methods aren’t new I know, I’m sharing because they help me and maybe they can help you too 🙂 Good luck with your admin tasks whatever they may be! xo.

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