#30 Movies.

Nothing went to plan today. At least thats what I thought, until I reminded myself that it’s okay. I started to feel stressed out because I hadn’t done what I had planned. I got an email that bothered me and I felt more stressed. Then I remembered something. I’m still here, alive. Recalling this helped me to realise that it’s okay. I’ll still achieve the goals I set myself and the email wasn’t important enough for me to allow myself to get upset over. Whatever happens everything will work out. So I’ve readjusted my diary and planning. I’ve stopped worrying and now I’m going to do something relaxing. I’m going to drift into another time and place and reside in someone else story, just for a little while. I’m going to watch a movie and I’m going to enjoy it. Tell you all about it tomorrow. xo

Stimpy 🙂 Cats make everything better.

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