#31 Blur.

Today went by in a blur of activity. I made a lasagne early because I knew I had go to the optometrist in the late afternoon to have my eyes checked. Mama was having hers checked too. So off we went just us two. They have some amazing machines to do all sorts of eye tests now and they take scans and all sorts. It was so interesting. During the second part of the testing, when I was with the optometrist and he was doing some more tests, many of which involved me looking at things that were mostly blurry, it became apparent that I would need new glasses. I’m meant to wear glasses for reading. I’m terrible at it. So he tells me the new ones will be much stronger than my old ones which are over 10 years old (did I mention that self care is a thing for me this year, after far too many years of self neglect) and I say okay. Really what else can you say? He went through all these wild images of the back of my eyeballs. He mostly focused on the right side as there was something that concerned him. I am to return for more tests on the day I pick up my new specs. I seem to have some nerve damage in the right eye, which he thinks were caused by Randy (Randy is the persona I’ve given to my stroke), I’m not surprised. Randy caused nothing but trouble in all honesty. Anyway he said something about glaucoma, I’m pretty sure it will turn out to be nothing to worry about and that will be great because I want to be able to drive my car again pronto!

Mama and I in Bunnings. It’s a hardware mega store with more πŸ˜‰

In other news, I still haven’t got some things on my to do list done but all will be well! Tomorrow is my birthday πŸ™‚ I’m 47 and I’m happy. I have people I love that love me too. I have dreams and hopes and I’m looking forward to every new day that I get to wake up to. Some days are going to be a blur, but even when things aren’t clear, I know Im moving in the right direction. I’m so late writing tonight, but I still made it, and I’m glad. Soon when I get my new specs my vision will be much improved πŸ™‚ The optometrist showed me today and it was nothing short of incredible. Wishing you only good things. xo

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