#59 Determination

Well I have made it to the last day of my personal poetry challenge! Thanks for staying with me ūüôā I’m more convinced than ever that I am not a poet ūüėČ Tomorrow I will resume my anything goes writing adventure! xo. DeterminationCommitmentrequires determinationConscious effort throughout doubtsto emerge resilient¬†

#58 Change.

ChangeChange is comingone way or anotherWe are complacent because we don’t grasp the magnitude of the consequences of inaction or not enough action ¬†change can be something we can live through¬†something we can participate inOr it can be change we cannot even imaginea future we don’t want to imaginenot a future we want to see¬†especially…

#57 Comfort.

Comfort.Sleepy contentmenteasy breathsat peaceequilibrium attained*

#56 Self-Preservation.

Kept myself safe for the longest timefrom all the pain and hurtuntil I fell into the abyss of your eyeswhen you asked permission for my kissmy heart is open and I’m vulnerable because  its on my sleeve againto feel your love takes courageI share myself completely not knowing what’s comingaround the next cornerat my worstwill you runor…

#55 Satisfied.

Another day draws to a close.I try to remember all of the moments.My favourite parts make me smile.Shared kindnesses, tinkling laughter.I feel happy when I’m the cause of someone feeling good.I feel fulfilled if I found opportunities to help.The day was enjoyed,and  I feel the deep contentment that is satisfaction.

#54 Dreams

I cannot believe I am still going with my poem a day challenge. Some days it’s been hard but I’m enjoying looking back so far and I have promised myself that no matter how dissatisfied I may be with a particular poem or verse, that I will not remove it. Whatever I have written was…

#53 Truth

TruthLove is not born of obligation.Love is an emotion that lives.It radiates,like warmth from the sun.Illuminating the dark corners within.

#52 Stars

on a velvet blanket of inky skylike silvery sequinssparkling you make me wonderwhat lies beyond  

#51 Enough and More.

We are all unique. We are all amazing. xo Am I enough?ever…Enough is a question,hanging in the air.what is enough?Who isenough?If they are ?am I not?Enough.Smartenough.Prettyenough.¬†Too fattoo thintoo uglytoo stupidtoo glumto be acceptable.Happy enough?Angrytoo much?Am I okay?Am I enough?Do enough,Be enough,I’m sick of enough!Too much enough.Enough makes me sick!I am more.More than adequate.More than enough.Better…

#50 Daffodil

DaffodilHeavy¬†your headthough you shine so brightcitrus warmorange spiceyou burst with smileswhile your full of hurtyou don’t let it showand hope it goesall the while you glowdrawing in hope with your breathexhaling love¬†never giving in¬†you never give upsmiles so freely givengot to make this world a better placewith your open heart¬†the purest of soulsmy daffodilyour truth…