#32 Poetry.

So here we all are. My birthday! The 1st day of the second month of the year. It’s been a good day, spent with the fruits (my kids) and my mama for some of it. When my husband got home he and I went out for a meal, which, even though the food was awful, was a really nice outing anyway. Except for maybe having to prevent an incidence of domestic violence. A couple happened to be having a terrible fight right next to our parked car, after we left the restaurant. He was very drunk, she was sober but very upset and angry. I had to step in when he had thrown her to the ground and was about to beat her up. I told him to get off her and move away from her right now! And I kept telling him until he backed up. I could not believe what I was seeing, there were some other people around too. My husband was right there and telling this guy to back off too. Another man was close by to help as well. The police were called and hopefully the two people involved didn’t go home with each other. This was all in a very busy area with lots of people around. I’m glad by standers step in to help, it gives me some faith in humanity. Anyway enough about that.

As it’s February it is time for me to begin my month of poetry writing project! Wish me luck because I think I may well need it πŸ™‚

Any hints or tips and constructive criticism are welcomed! Here we go, please be kind πŸ˜‰

Happy part of the dinner date! Hamming it up πŸ˜‰


The Candle

The wind kisses my face,

a flame close by gutters…

a happy tear dances softly down,

another line.

My frown etched deep.

My face changed,

by time.

Now rounded,

the air,

poised for expulsion.

As the last cheer is called,

a flame,

now dies.

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