#33 Indian Grocer.

Today I got to go to a huge Indian Grocery shop. I spent over half an hour perusing the aisles. There were items I recognised and others that were completely new to me. Quite the place to become inspired to look up new ingredients and recipes which include them. I came away with quite a bag of goodies. I’m forty seven and still go on adventures with my Mama πŸ™‚ We also went to the movies to see Instant Family with the womb fruits. It was a really great movie and had me laughing and crying at different times. Talking of movies, yesterday the kids and I watched a movies called The Book of Henry on Netflix and I highly recommend it. On to todays poetic attempt!


Seeing something for the first time,

not knowing what it is.

A Search for clues,

The Unknown.

Admiring the the packaging,

and all it’s hues.

I find meaning in the diagrams,

the pictures translate to me,

what needs to be done.

Away I go home with my bundle of goods,

Dreaming away of incredible new foods.


Sorry if it’s awful, I promise I’ll get better. xo

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