#34 Goodbyes.

Today I’m here early because last night I was falling asleep while I was trying to write. So if my poetic attempt last night was absolutely hideous that is the reason. Also I suspect that I am definitely not a poet. At all. I do not know how I am going to make it through the month of my poetry challenge. I do know I will not attempt something so ridiculous ever again, maybe 😉 Today my masterpiece is about saying goodbye. This is mostly because my mama is leaving for home tomorrow. Hope you have had a happy Sunday. xo

Mama’s scissors. Not sure if I mentioned that mama is a hairdresser amongst other things 🙂
When she visits she always does everybody’s hair.


Some goodbyes are forever, 
Others are merely au revoir.
Time shared together,
we often take for granted.
Like our view of a brilliant blue sky,
A full shining silver grey moon
in the darkness of the night. 
Forgetting easily that life is precarious,
in that we never know when it will end.
Life itself shows us time and time again,
it is both precious and precocious.
We never know what is around the bend.
It is a road without a map that we've never travelled before. 
Filled with landmarks
and little pot holes,
reminding us,
of it's very nature,
And yet we still manage to forget.

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