#36 Stress.

Today was a really nice day, just me and the kids. Even though there were a few stressful moments, they were rescued quite quickly using humour and making apologies for short temperedness. I realise that my stress metre goes up when I’m trying to be with the kids and the phone seems to be constantly ringing. These calls are not emergency’s. They are usually calls about appointments for various family members including myself. Another intrusion is when I make the mistake of opening email and feeling like I must reply right now. It’s not true, I don’t need to reply straight away. It all makes me feel like I’m being pulled in too many directions. It’s overwhelming and I can feel my stress levels rising away.

my special place 🙂

The easy fix is my usual method of reading email with my morning cuppa. If I want to check in on social media platforms for any reason it’s usually at the same time. I’m up, the house is still slumbering, except for my husband who has already left for the day. From this point the best course of action for me is to put my phone in my bedroom on charge. Today for whatever reason I didn’t do that and it was a good reminder of why I do. I won’t forget tomorrow. Life is so much sweeter when I am focused and fully engaged in whatever I am doing. I also don’t feel that awful sense of urgency, or like I’m being weighed down. Noting my own emotions and physical reactions to various stimuli is important to me because it allows me make any changes that will help me to be peaceful. Stress does not promote peace. Not in myself, or the environment I share with the people I love. xo

Kids herb seeds have germinated 🙂

Dappled sunlight,
soft in the haze.
Scented delicate smoke plumes,
little flickering tea light flames.
Sweet music playing gentle melodies,
a patchwork made of sounds.
 A backdrop for the smooth coffee,
its magic soothing me as I wake.

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