#40 Vision.

If you have been a seeing person your whole life, you generally tend to accept having sight without really recognising that you are very fortunate. I mean there are times you recognise how amazing eyes are, but most of the time you just take it as a given. It’s human nature I think, to not think about what it would be like to be blind. I had a conversation today and it really made me think about what it would mean to lose my sight. Not unusually it was with my optometrist, and it was because he told me I have a cataract and most likely glaucoma. So I’m being sent to see an Ophthalmologist and very quickly it seems. I have damage to my optic nerve in one eye too. I don’t really know very much about cataracts or glaucoma but am sure I will soon enough. I’m hoping I see the specialist and they tell me It’s all okay. xo


shades, clouds.
Movies, books, writing.
Cooking and driving, 
typing here and now.
I try to imagine,
but I'm unable to,
what life would be without.

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