#46 Day Off.

Today I kind of took the day off. I took the morning slowly and cancelled unnecessary appointments. I paid the bills. I stopped worrying. A friend came over and we sat down, drank tea and just talked. The talking was interspersed with a little snacking. It was so good. I had my kids around me, as always, and even though I’ve been feeling so unwell, I felt better.

So I’ve been here every day writing my own version of poetry and I can honestly say some days it’s been hard. My poems aren’t artistic or very good but I’m not giving up until the end of the month 🙂


My mind is a bit clunky,
I bang into walls a bit.
I miss my mouth with my coffee,
and drop things a few times a day at least.
I get food on my face sometimes,
today I ran over my own foot with the rubbish bin.
I sing every day,
I can't recall a time I didn't.
I hug my kids,
everyday I tell them I love them,
usually more than once.
I love my other deeply,
he's very annoying and also really lovely.
The flow of love that exists between us is both strong and deep.
I talk to my cats and also my dog,
I know they understand me.
Stationary gives me joy,
books give me comfort.
I love hugs that go on and on.
I know that I am fortunate,
and I am ever grateful,
for all of the love in my life.

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