#49 Sanctuary.

Tonight my poem is about places that provide me sanctuary. xo Sanctuary.I find you in stories I seek you in musicyou are a placeyou are a feelingsometimes you are a personyou are found in solitudeand sometimes in crowdsyou are where the waves crashand where the treetops touch the skyyou can be found on busy streetscrowded trainsor…

#48 Remarkable.

Why is this post called remarkable? Well simply because I cannot believe I’ve made it this far writing a poem every day. It’s not easy. Today I’m stumped. Maybe it’s because I’ve been working on another writing project today? My mind won’t go where I need it to be. Anyway perhaps if I have a…

#47 Saturday Night.

Saturday NightTucked up in my bed,reading along.Watching a video, listening to songs.Surrounded by the people I love, It’s enough for me,to feel I belong.

#46 Day Off.

Today I kind of took the day off. I took the morning slowly and cancelled unnecessary appointments. I paid the bills. I stopped worrying. A friend came over and we sat down, drank tea and just talked. The talking was interspersed with a little snacking. It was so good. I had my kids around me,…

#45 Home.

HomeA place to be,my lovely nest.Where comforts abound, and sanctuary is always found. It’s where I can be who I am.With smells familiar,the sights,and sounds,where I feel safe and the lovegoes around.

#44 Legacy.

Legacy.Words.Music.Your presence, that voice.Such charisma, and your beautiful heart.You are gone,and still you remain. Your voice,imprinted inside my brain.I hear you laughand sing your songsI can still see youeven though you have gone.Music remains, legacy.

#43 Black Clouds.

Black CloudsInvisible high above my head.I  feel them in my heart,when everything feels bad.Feeling like I don’t belong,when everything I do feels like mistake,I realise it is the black clouds darkening my skies.I know it’s going to take some time,until the light shines again. My face will once more turn upwards.Again I will see the sun.

#42 Late.

I missed my post last night because I fell asleep. I had been sick yesterday and had to go to the Dr’s late. He immediately increased one of my meds so hopefully I’ll be feeling better today. Here is a post in lieu of the one that got away 😉 xo. Late.Sometimes it can’t be…

#41 Night.

NightThe darkness I once fearedenvelopes me nowA blanket of soft edgessoothing mewith the softness of its touchWhispering to methe thoughts they fade awayas the comfort cradles meto the place where dreams become real*

#40 Vision.

If you have been a seeing person your whole life, you generally tend to accept having sight without really recognising that you are very fortunate. I mean there are times you recognise how amazing eyes are, but most of the time you just take it as a given. It’s human nature I think, to not…