#61 Trying New Things.

Today was such a great day! The workshop was really interesting and I learnt lots of new things and got to find out about ingredients that I’ve never used before such as nutritional yeast. There were also supplements I’ve never heard of along with many more items that are familiar.

I came away feeling inspired to learn more and keep trying new things. Before the workshop we enjoyed a lovely brunch consisting of both Japanese and Korean food. We talked a lot and laughed even more! Time with my friend is treasured and always goes so quickly. We explored thrift stores and found some amazing bargains. Included among these, I found a gorgeous big tea cup/mug and a sort of soup cup/bowl. I also found the most comfy pair of pants in a paisley print of riotous hues, and my biggest score was a fantastic bread machine, which only cost me fifteen dollars Australian! As we say in Oz, bargain mate!

I was only looking up bread machines last night as mine is over 20 years old, don’t get me wrong it still works but the one I got has some pretty updated features which I love! I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow. Im not sure if the little paddle is stuck in it or if it doesn’t come out. Guess I’ll find out soon enough. My new project was going to be experimenting with bread making to find a low GI loaf for myself due to having Type 2 Diabetes. I’ve decided the easiest way to modify what I eat is to have a big list of low GI foods that I can use to cook with or just eat as is, such as fruits, nuts and other snacks. Wishing you a happy weekend wherever you are! We have a holiday weekend and my plan is to get on top of some work and do some relaxing in between 🙂 See you tomorrow! xo.

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