#62 Happy Buzz :)

Today was just feel good from the moment I opened my eyes. Two of my meds have been doubled (I have very strange blood pressure issues) anyway it’s taken nearly two weeks but finally I’m feeling good again and I cannot tell you how awesome that is. I hope it holds out and for now I’m counting it as a win!

I have loaded my new thrift shop bread machine with the ingredients for a loaf of multigrain and used the time delay setting so that I get to wake up to fresh bread 🙂 Can’t wait and hope it all goes to plan as this is the first test loaf.

We ended up having family to visit which was nice. Isn’t it weird how adding more people to the mix sort of changes the dynamics? Mostly in a happy way. I really like observing people it’s so fascinating. My kids would laugh at that and tell me I’m a weirdo and their right but I’m ok with that 😉

I got a good start on some writing I’m doing but had to stop once visitors arrived because it would be a bit odd if I didn’t 😉 Anyway as tomorrow is a holiday and my husband will be home I will be able to get on with more work. Maybe if I really get into it, I’ll even finish a section. So until tomorrow adieu. xo

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