#63 Fresh Bread & Hot Coffee.

Woke up slightly confused by the aroma eminating from I didn’t where. Walked out to the kitchen and remembered! Ahhh!! Hot fresh bread with only four mins showing left. Enough time to wash my face and kind of wake up to appreciate the previous evenings forethought to load the bread machine. Also enough time to make coffee. My morning ritual and neccessity is coffee. That morning cuppa is everything. So anyway I open the machine and the smell of freshly baked bread soothes me instantly. It cooperatively comes straight out of the pan first go and I can wait no longer.

I cut myself a nice slice and butter accordingly. Nothing like the way butter melts into warm fresh bread. I take a bite and its so good. I alternate with sips of coffee and continue this way until its all gone! Best breakfast ever! I’m guessing you realise how happy I am with my thrift shop score 🙂

My first loaf!

As we all know life isn’t perfect and thats ok. I’m glad I got a good start this morning because it got hot – really hot very quickly. Not good news when your air conditioning isn’t working 😦

It’s been problematic for over a week and we’ve had some really hot days. The repair man has been but had to order parts and can’t fix it until the parts arrive. Very obvious I know, but not at all comforting when its 38 Degrees Celsius for most of today. It’s was so hot that sitting down to work on another writing project was not an attractive thought. Needless to say I didn’t do it. So now I feel like I’m a little behind. I’m telling myself it’s ok I’ll catch up maybe very early in the morning when it’s still cool. I don’t do well in the heat. I feel like I’m doing a bit of first world complaining here and while that doesn’t make me feel great as a person, I can only say that at least I’m being honest. I’m crossing my fingers that the AC guy comes back tomorrow to fix it. I mean I’m really crossing them and also hoping that the weather cools off. Hope your enjoying creature comforts wherever in the world you are. I spend time each day being grateful and also wishing only the best for other people everywhere. xo


Above is a link to a great piece of writing that is so important for all of us. It’s what I’ve been reading today. Hope you have time to give it a read. If you do I’d love to hear your thoughts. xo

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