#64 Music.

Music makes everything better. I love having music playing pretty much all of the time. Not when I’m sleeping, although I have fallen asleep to music many times. There are so many cool apps that have timers integrated so that the music stops after a certain amount of time. As a person who is very good friends with insomnia, these sleep apps have been amazing.

I feel like music is and has been my companion my entire life. Different songs evoke memories and emotions from various points in my life, certain songs will always bring me to tears. In fact there are songs that I cannot listen to unless I’m feeling melancholic and prepared for the tears that I know will come.

my orchids 🙂

The voice in a song is always my predominant focus and the lyrics matter very much to me. I’m not saying I can’t enjoy a piece of music where I don’t feel a connection to the lyrics, just that an emotional connection to words and music fills my soul so much more.

Dusty inspiration.

Music can relax me, invigorate me and so many other things besides. I cannot imagine a life without music and I feel that music, along with food of course 😉 can unite people like nothing else. I am ever grateful for music. xo

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