#65 Piano.

A couple of weeks ago I realised a life long dream. It was quite an amazing feeling. I bought a piano. It’s old but not antique. It has a past, like me. A few scars and scratches, also like me. It’s in desperate need of tuning, who isn’t? Am I right?!! But it’s perfect 🙂

The piano tuner is coming on Friday morning and I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear her after tuning. My piano cost me $300 Aussie Dollars. Yes she is another thrift bargain, this time from Gumtree. I spend most of time saving for all sorts of things, for everything in fact. I budget and I save money wherever I can. This enables me to purchase certain things that I have on a list not unusually called, my wish list. Having a stroke (you remember Randy the stroke?) and a second chance at life really made me realise once again that life is for living and we honestly don’t know how long we have. People sometimes spend too much time waiting for tomorrow. Saving that dress for a special occasion. I’m not advocating complete recklessness, obviously. Live mindfully and experience abundance.

I am saying live today. Live as joyfully as you can. Enjoy the music around you, wherever you. Be captivated by the colours of your world and the faces around you. Share a smile. Say something nice. Care about people. Their honestly is no limit to the love in your heart. You can never run out. it’s infinite. So be generous, with your self and with others.

I bought my car the same way. I was always looking at gumtree for fun, figuring out which vehicle would suit and researching what would be a good price. After two years my little buzz box of a car finally died, the repairs would have been more than the car was worth and I had money saved. I had decided a KIA Carnival would be great for me – plenty of space and lots of seats – necessary when you have a 7 person family. I got a wonderful deal and was also able to sell my little old car to a mechanic at a fair price, we were both happy! I own my car out right and it’s ten years old but it’s in great condition and even has air conditioning!!! I love my Big Blue van – she’s named Bertha 🙂 It took me only a week to get used to her. Wow bit of a digression there I know, but I’m finally allowed to drive my car again! I got medical clearance last week on Friday, and today was the first big drive around with the kids. We went to get fuel and for an appointment. We followed that with a celebratory lunch together and had a fairly peaceful drive home 😉

meet Benson 🙂 our Dog. He’s enjoying the cold tiles on a hot day.

Anyway back to my piano. No name yet. I’m thinking her name will come to me once she’s tuned and I know a little bit more about her. Like how old she is and where she was made. Yes, yes! I consulted all that is Google and drew a blank. I’m leaving a picture of sorts and will post another after tuning and situating in the house 🙂 xo.

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