#66 Time Flies!

How is it almost the weekend already! I feel like the days are passing by at an altogether alarming rate. I’m feeling pretty happy and productive too. My other writing is going well and I’m at about the halfway mark. if I keep going at this rate, I will have plenty of time left to put together the power point presentation to go with it. I’m looking forward to getting it done early so I can refocus on other things, such as my bread project and other hobbies. I have three books currently on the go too, so I’d like some more reading time 🙂

Not much else to add tonight and I’m off to bed because early tomorrow morning the piano tuner is coming!! I’m hoping all goes well. Until tomorrow…xo

#67 The Missing Post…

I have just realised that somehow I managed to miss a post 😉 So I’m here to make ammends and publish this note to acknowledge my mistake. I hope it won’t make my daily blogging attempt for the year unworthy in the eyes of anyone who has come along to read 🙂 xo

the date today is the 16th May 2019

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