#69 Blur.

Some days are so filled with so many things that I am dizzy. But dizzy in the good kind of way, not the “I have medical issues kind of ways.” Today was like that. Somethings about it we really cool, to me anyway. Like for instance, sitting down with my husband and working out the menu plan for the next week and making the shopping list together, which he was going to execute himself so I could stay home and work on some stuff. It was just nice doing it together. Doing stuff together makes it feel fun. Well, way more fun than doing it alone. When we cook together, we banter, we laugh, we tease each other, we talk about all sorts of things. Some are serious issues, these are generally brought up by me 😉 Think climate change, women’s issues, the future of the world in general – I know you can imagine I’d be a riot at parties if I ever went to any! We like to talk about music too. We’re lucky, We love each other a lot. This is real life though and that means things in LaLa land aren’t always perfect, but you know what they don’t have to be. We can still be happy, and we are. I’m grateful and I’m realistic. We’ve had quite a journey so far, a beautiful patchwork of experiences. We remain two unique individuals joined by our love and steadfastly committed to each other. He’s also the most annoying person I know and also the only man to ever seek my verbal consent to kiss me before he did the first time. What can I say! He’s a keeper on so may levels.

I got lots accomplished, so a positive day all round! I’m thinking tomorrow may be a rest kind of day.xo

mmmmm snacks 🙂

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