#70 Confusion.

I’m honestly confused sometimes at what goes on in the world. It’s 2019 and in some countries women have no basic rights. I don’t get it. It cannot be put down to cultural differences alone when a woman has no say in her own existence. It is oppression. I’m absolutely blown away that this is still happening. How can a country be part of the United Nations yet still trample the human rights of its female citizens? There are hashtags like #IAMMYOWNGUARDIAN

The title Guardian that is given to a Male relative as the authority who decides what a woman can or can’t do, makes me think of Mary Attwoods’ book The Handmaids Tale, because there are men called Guardians in that too. There are other parallels that can be drawn too.

I sometimes feel like I ought to be doing something. Something to help. Something to push for social change of epic proportions on a global scale so that the generations of women who come after me do not purport to feel lucky if the person assigned as their guardian allows them to do things that they should never had to ask permission for in the first place. So that women in countries where there are more rights for women are never again told we should feel lucky that we aren’t oppressed like these other women!! It is not luck to have human rights. It is part of being born a human being. Human rights, determined by the fact that we are human regardless of the physical bodies we are born with.

We are lucky. We are lucky we were not born in such a country to begin with. That is the only part luck played. Human rights should not and cannot depend on luck. Rights to food, water, health care, housing, learning and a proper living wage.

It almost seems as though if something is not happening to us personally then we shouldn’t act for change. I understand that people need to have peace in their own lives. I get that, I do. However, if we continue to do nothing then what does that mean? We who have the rights have the responsibility to do whatever we can. About climate change, about women’s rights and children’s rights too.

Young women are escaping are heading to western countries seeking asylum and the hope for a future where they can enjoy basic rights of personhood. They risk everything to get away. Some have been successful and others have not. The ones who don’t make it aren’t usually heard from again. Then in some western countries you have young people falling prey to radicalisation and running away to join terrorist organisations and denouncing the freedoms they enjoy to become subservient and live in war torn locations.

Do any little things that you can. Be proactive. Use social media for good by sharing important messages. Sign petitions. Go to protests. Try and use less plastic. Try not to waste food. All the little things that may seem inconsequential all add up. Thanks for reading and I hope the future will be bright for you, your family and all the people everywhere in the world. xo

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