#71 Dough balls

Weird title right? I’m here early because I am going to be making dough balls with one of my sons very soon 🙂 Dinner is already cooked, tonight it’s Thai Green Chicken curry and rice! Yum. It’s going to be extra good because I had fresh kaffir lime leaves, a fresh lime and even some fresh thai basil. There is definitley something to be said for menu planning. When I plan it means I am prepared with the extra little ingredients that make a meal really special. That is of course if my food budget allows 🙂 If it doesn’t I just make do with whatever i have on hand.

My post last night was quite intense. I needed to write out my feelings as a way to deal with the frustration I sometimes feel at the state of the world. There are times I intentionally filter out the negative aspects of reality as an act of self preservation. To maintain peace in my own life and that of my loved ones. My estimation is that many people do the same. I decieded last night that I will spend a certain amount of time dedicated to actively pursuing casues that are important to me. That way I’m being proactive and i’m also not in danger of becoming so consumed that my own mental health suffers. I am sorry if I upset anybody who came to read.

So that’s that then! Now back to the Doug balls. I’m not sure who came up with the idea but sometimes life is better with a little sweetness that you don’t need to wait to long for. Now I’m off to make them. xo

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