#74 Social Change

How is it Thursday already? I have let go of the need to keep up because its a fruitless exercise 😉

Time ticks away whether I’m taking notice or not, so I just keep living every moment pretty much engaged in whatever I’m doing. This includes daydreaming.

Tommorow some of the kids and I are going to take part in a protest for climate change. This si happening in many countries around the world. It’s called Strike For Climate Change and it’s going to include many children who will not attend school in favour of the strike. For my kids thats technically not a factor because they are home educated. It’s their choice to attend or not. They have made some signs today which look pretty great. I hope there is a good turnout.

I remember a long time ago reading about how social change can be effected. I told the kids that people do have power if they can come together and unite for a cause. We discussed lobbying the Governement using various peaceful methods including strikes and protests and petitions. My kids are pretty big inspirations and they make me want to be a better person every single day 🙂 Off to rest up for another big day xo.

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