#75 Action

One of the signs made by my kids.

Today was great! For our relatively small city there was a good turnout. There was an energy buzzing through the crowd. It felt so powerful to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We stood together in solidarity to save the planet and therefore the human race. Yes, it sounds pretty drastic, becasue it is. We have a crisis on our hands.


This mass movement started with Greta Thunberg. As we say in Australia Good On Ya! Greta!!

If you don’t know who Greta is please see below.

My own knowledge was sparse. I understood the basics and most of the time I felt powerless to make any meaningful change to the woeful state of the world. A few weeks ago a facebook friend shared a link to an article about 16 year old Greta Thunberg and her strike and incredible activism.

I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom. The world is a beautiful place inhabitated by many beautiful people and yesterday as I marched along with some of my children and many other children and adults alike, I took the time to truly appreciate the trees and the sky. The fact that we can walk around outside during the middle of the day and breathe the air into our lungs. I want the same for future generations.

Signs of hope.

It also made me wonder about what will be different by 2035 and beyond if we don’t make the changes necesssary to prevent runaway climate change.

A few weeks back I watched the UN.ORG video on YouTube of the UN Secretary General speaking to us, the citizens of the planet. I urge you to watch it too.


I had been busy learning all I could about exactly what is going on and after reading that article I felt more compelled than ever to learn everything I can. I don’t think it’s a coincendence that a young persons courage and passion has been the driving force that has mobilised people all over the planet to action. I believe it is just the wake up call we needed.

If we don’t pressure our world leaders to commit to changes the outlook for the future is extremely bleak. Yesterday the children around the world were striking to raise awareness and to wake the rest of us up to the facts of climate science.

You may be surprised to know the powers that be have known about this since the 70’s. In an article in the New York Times Magazine aptly titled “Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change” by Nathaniel Rich, you will find an in depth account of who knew what and how it all played out. The article is accompanied by amazing photographs and videos by George Steinmetz. Please read it. You may find yourself shocked at your own lack of personal understanding of just what is at stake. I know I was.


Following that, I was more moved than I have ever been to do something. To act.

I even downloaded and read the IPCC 2018 paper on climate change which is available for anyone to acess online. Take some time to learn about what is going on.


Learn all you can and act in whatever ways you can. From lifestyle changes to mindful use of resources in your own lives. If you can, attend protests, sign petitions and make your voices heard and count in any and every way possible. We owe it to the next generations. To kids like Greta Thurman. To kids like mine, and kids like yours. To everyone. Everywhere. xo

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