#76 Repairs

Today my body ached and I had a massive headache which was subdued with paracetamol. I think my bag must have been heavy on my shoulder all day yesterday, out and about protesting, as you do 😉 I’ve been going to get a backpack for ages but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Anyway being that the route involved one hill downwards, which is much easier when you are also pushing a wheelchair, I conveniently managed to forget that this would mean pushing upwards on the way back into the centre of the city. It was all fine, I just didn’t realise how exhausted I would be today. I seem to manage to forget that I had a stroke around 4 months back. If you’ve been reading along since the start of the year, you’ll recall the stroke is named Randy. Anyway, it’s days like today that I realise how much of an effect Randy actually had on me.

Funnily enough, being sore doesn’t equate with being sorry. In my case, my need to take it physically easy today is a reminder of how lucky I am. Lucky to be talking and walking and laughing. To be enjoying music and food. Once again I am truly grateful.

Bird life at the lake.

The plumber came today and fixed the leaking tap, which by this morning was so bad we had to keep the water turned off at the mains. Happy days no more leaking tap. The aircon guy came too! Finally the airconditioning is fixed and no longer not working or dumping loads of water unnecessarily. Even though it’s officially autumn, we still have a few warmer days on the horizon and I am so glad that I won’t be suffering in the heat anymore! So a good day round. I hope your day has been happy, and that you have lots to be grateful for too. xo

Meet Levi 🙂 the youngest of our rescue cat clan. love her so much!

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