#77 Deadline

I am proud to say that I met my self imposed deadline for another writing project. Usually I feel really elated. This time, I feel more deflated. Weird. It’s an annual writing project that I do every year and is usally about 35 pages long. It sounds more than it is though because those pages include checklists as well. Usually I have it all done before Christmas. Last year, as you now know, I was hospitalised on the 18th of November. That meant I didn’t get it done, which was fine and more than understandable. Now I’m not paid for this writing and strictly speaking I’m not required to do it. Yet year after I embark on this task.

I’ve tried to make it enjoyable for myself, and for the most part once I get started I do enjoy it even if it is a bit monotonous. I’m quite efficient at it too. I have to say the way I’ve done it this time around has been more relaxed and if I didn’t feel up to doing any on a certain day, I just took a break. It still got done and I wasn’t all stressed out about it. So it got me to thinking about deadlines, are they worth the pressure and stress we place upon ourselves to meet them? Are there better ways? My answer is, do a little each day so it’s not so overwhelming. On days when you feel like doing loads you can. If you plan it out and break it into smaller chunks it’s so much easier. xo

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