#78 Connected

I just had a passing thought. Well I guess it was a stream of thoughts really. The other day I went on twitter and noticed in my feed there were notifications from the main roads department and News channels about an incident on the train lines and services being interrupted and cancelled due to the incident. At that time, none of the tweets were saying what the incident was. Other notifications about the freeways being overly congested due to the the same incident were popping up in my Twitter feed too. Its not that often that I open Twitter, but something about what was going on made me wonder what had happened to cause such problems.

I recalled a few weeks back when my husband had told me how he saw two emergency workers holding on to a man who had sadly been trying to jump in front of a train. We both felt huge empathy for this man. Although unknown to us and yet, still one of us. I was thankful someone got there to help him in time and hoped beyond hope that he would go on to get the help he needed. That one day, he may experience some joy and happiness and see the worth in himself and in his life.

That man is someone to somebody.

Sadly the day the trains were cancelled another person unknown to me died on the train line. I didn’t look up the details. It made me too sad. I tried to send good wishes and love to the departed person and their family and friends. What devastation and loss they must be feeling. My heart went out again to people I don’t know because I am one of them.

What would have been an interruption to the day of some people and a traffic jam to others, was completely life changing to someone else. I wondered if people on the freeway stuck, barely moving were getting angry or frustrated. Or were they like me wondering what had happened and hoping that everything was ok?

*Spoiler Alert*

It made me think about the movie called The Lake House, which thankfully has a happy ending, but also involved a life ending accident in the plot. Well, sort of. Anyway if you enjoy romantic films like me, I highly reccomend it. I drew a comparison because of how we are all these individual human beings on the same planet at the same time living singular lives, parallel to each other. Together but apart. xo

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