#79 Pasta.

When you haven’t planned your meals for the week because you were busy doing other things, pasta is a saviour. Pasta can be turned into a meal with ease and with whatever you have on hand. I love it. Shapes, fettucine any kind of pasta will do.

So this morning while I was doing other things, I thought to get some chicken breast from the freezer, to defrost in the fridge. By late this afternoon when I was ready to cook, I grabbed out an onion, some spring onions that had seen better days, some crushed garlic, one red chilli, some italian mixed herbs, some olive oil, and went to work.

I also found a little tin of diced capsicums. Weird I know. I bought them in an online shop thinking the tin was bigger and because capscicums were so expensive at the time. Anyway I drained them ready to use. So I sliced up the chicken then cut it into bite size bits, while the olive oil was heating in the pan. I added the chicken to the pan, seasoned it and let it sizzle and gave it a stir every now and then. I peeled and sliced the onion, prepped and sliced the spring onions, sliced the chilli. I added some garlic and herbs to the pan and gave it another stir. After a few more minutes cooking I added in a little slug of red wine. Next I added the onions and other veg and cooked stiring now and again for about 5 minutes. I added in a tin of chopped tomatoes and half a tin of hot water and a beef stock cube. Stirred again and let it simmer on low for about fifteen minutes. While that was happening I cooked the curly edged fettucine i’d found in the cupboard. After the pasta was cooked and drained I topped it with the chicken sauce and sprinkled some shaved parmesan over the top. It was pretty good for an unplanned dinner. My tummy was happy 🙂 xo

during cooking -sorry I forgot to take any of when I was done 😉

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