#80 Faith.

Faith. That word means different things to different people. Yes I know, I’m stating the obvious. But, I started thinking about faith today. The kids and I had been talking about tolerance and respect. Big things. For many people faith is tied into religious beliefs. For me it’s something else. I have faith. I trust that everything will work out and we will all be okay. I hope for the best and live each day trying to be the best person I can be. I do not call any religion my own. I know how to be a good person and I know right from wrong. I do not feel the need to follow a religion. I have no predjudice against any person who belongs to any religion. The discussion with the kids was about human evolution and origin. We talked about science. A problem had come up where a friends parent had told them that evolution is just a theory and that God had created us and everything else. This was quite an issue for my kid. However, she decieded in the moment that the best course of action was to listen to what was being said and think about it. Probably a very wise choice. She came home that day and had a big conversation with me. This is where we talked about tolerance. We talked about the fact that even though we may not share the same beliefs or understandings, that we can still be friends. xo

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