#83 Phone a Friend

You know how you have that friend, who just somehow knows to call you on the very day you need to talk to someone? Well that happened to me this morning. It was really good to just listen to what she had to say and be taken away from myself for a little bit. Funny how the person calls exactly when you need it. I didn’t get to do hobby stuff becasue I just ended up busy all day. I also had a friend from childhood get in touch with me too. It was nice, but I must admit I got a little nervous when she suggested catching up with a few other friends from the past all together. This reluctance is mainly because one of the women wasn’t very nice to me when we last spent time around each other years ago. Strange, because at one point we were very good friends. At least I thought we were. I just think it would be awkward because I think she’s not very genuine – well maybe she is now – but she definitley wasn’t back then and I’m not sure I want to expend the energy finding out. God knows I don’t need any stress šŸ˜‰ So anyway I decided I’ll just catch up with the person who got in touch in the first place instead. I don’t have a need to be forever connected with people from my past. I don’t feel like it’s my business to know everybody’s life story just becuase I knew them once upon a time. I give my attention to the people who are in my life at this moment. I mean if I ran into someone, I’d say hello etc but that would probably be it, unless there was some major connection. I just trust that I’ll know if and when the time comes. Amyway this just makes me realise that I’m probably a weirdo and I’m okay with that šŸ™‚

I’ve never really been one to go back into my past and let’s face it, my present is pretty full. Anyway we will see. now i’m off to watch a video about chocolate before I fall asleep. xo

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