#85 Disappearing Days.

Not sure what is going on but it feels like time is moving more swiftly. Is it the change in weather? Is there an actual scientific reason behind this? Are the days actually getting shorter?As in the sun is coming up later and going down earlier? Technically that is an incorrect description because the sun doesn’t go up or down at all. You know what I mean anyway, are we getting less daylight? Probably but I’d need to consult the past few weeks sunrise and sunset times to be sure. As I said, I haven’t researched into it but maybe I will, because there must be some explanation behind it. Surely I’m not the only one experiencing this phenomenon, if thats the correct way to describe it.

In Western Australia it is autumn. I love the changing seasons except it seems to be when people get sick. Maybe I’ll eat extra citrus and loads of garlic just in case. Moving right along to my next topic of choice, Facebook. Do you love it? Do you despise it? Can you live without it? Does it affect you in anyway that you find negative or do you feel that it is innocuous? Strictly speaking nobody is going to answer my questions, I know that, but nevertheless I’m curious about the experiences of other people when it comes to Facebook. Maybe I’ll look for some info about that too.

I don’t mind Facebook, although I don’t use it all the time. I sort of have a little binge here and there, but then I’ll get disheartened after making the mistake of entering the comment section of some post that seemed innocent enough to begin with. I lose my faith in human beings and feel so let down that we aren’t as civilised and accomplished as a species as I thought. The advertisments are intriguing 😉 I try to keep my feed as positive as I can but negative stuff seems to creep in somehow. I put that down to algorithms. I also feel like it can suck time away wihtout you being aware. I mean if you’ve got time and your happy to scroll fair play to you. Some people love it and find it entertaining and lots of fun. My husband is in that group. I don’t think he ever finds it annoying or negative. The good thing is, like most things, you can choose when and how you use it. I love that I can be connected to family in England, and that I can be a part of groups that I find interesting. When it comes to news and current affairs it’s okay, except when sad things happen your bombarded from all directions. I find that hard. I suppose thats news and current events in general though. You want to be informed but you need to stay sane aswell. Hope you are happy and well, wherever you are. xo

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