#87 Too many things.

Every time I feel like I have achieved goals, say for instance, I finished that writing project, and that now I have time to breathe and chill out, something else happens. I get an email saying we have a house inspection coming up. We rent at the moment and it’s fine. However, I am fed up with house inspections. Once every three months, someone you have never met comes into your home and goes around with an ipad taking pictures of everything. Even inside the oven. I’m. not even kidding. Anyway I have a meeting which is annual and will happen at home, that was what the writng project was for. Now I also have a house inspection the moring after that! The person is usually nice but it’s just so invasive and weird. I mean the house is always clean and well presented and we’ve never been late with rent or anything like that. In fact we have been in the house for three years now.

I just start to feel overwhelmed with so many things adding up. I know they are not happening on the same day but for whatever reason it is stressing me out so much. I’m sure I’ll get over it, I’m just trying to not let stuff stress me out these days. Thank the stars Mama is coming to visit a week after those two things are done and dusted! Obviously I need to do some meditation or something 😉

Now here is a picture of a cat to cheer you up if you need cheering up. This is Tesla 🙂

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