#91 Finding Joy

Sometimes the way back to myself is found by seeking joy. Having fun with my loved ones, just enjoying being together. Conversations, jokes, adventures. When I start doing, I stop worrying. Worrying is like the harbinger of struggle. If you are so busy struggling how can you find any joy? For me the answer is that, well I can’t. So the answer is to stop worrying. Stop struggling. Easier said than done, right? Wrong! For me “doing” is the antidote. Doing doesn’t mean anyone thing. It could be having a movie night or even day, with popcorn and homemade pizza. It could mean going out to a movie and then a meal. It could be doing a jigsaw puzzle, with others joining as and if they feel inclined. It could be having a bubble bath and reading a book or playing with lego together. The choices for “doing” are only limited by your imagination and there are options for any budget. If your on a tighter budget get creative. We’ve had picnics in the garden and painted with water on the ground. Add some music for ambience 🙂 Enjoy each other, make jokes and smile. A lot. xo

Today we went to the Science Museum for a couple of hours. My husband was home which was awesome as he could come too! On our way home we bought some dinner to take home and enjoy 🙂

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