#94 Daydreaming…

I’m looking forward to having our own home again one day. We are renting for the time being and the house we rent is our home for the foreseeable future. It’s our 3rd year here so it feels like home now.

I have been doing some planting and repotting of herbs mostly, that way when we do buy a home I’ll be able to take them with us and plant them in the garden. So far I have a lovely Curry Leaf plant that is quite sturdy now, it’s in a larger pot. Yesterday one of the kids helped me transplant a a nice cluster of Basil into a bigger pot. It will continue to get nice and bushy in there. That one we grew from seeds in a sweet little metal bucket/pot. We have some Coriander that needs to be separated out, but I’ll need to get some potting mix as I ran out. We have also just seen our Cat nip seeds have germinated. There is something very satisfying about growing plants, especially from seed.

When I think about our future garden, I see it having various fruit trees and lots of herbs growing. If I get better at gardening maybe I’ll try a few fruits and veggies too. I like to imagine the garden, and even little vignettes in spaces that exist only inside my mind 🙂 For now I will enjoy life where I am and keep looking after our space and making it home.

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